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We love creating cool apps at Spinlogics. Almost as much as we love giving each other high fives for delivering them within timelines. As a team, we are not very picky about the kind of apps we design. iOS, Android, Windows, web-based, you name it – we are savvy with them all.

We might be small in numbers, but we have never let that get in the way of the kind of magic we know we can create.  Independently of each other, in our not so distant past, in our own respective jobs we’ve created enough magic to know we can do so again and again in a much better way. We are okay with all kinds of designs – from single-menu small-business applications to multi-layered enterprise-level apps – we see opportunity and creativity in all that we do.

We also like telling people that our apps provide logical IT solutions that can cater to their every need in any nook and corner of the world. Want to make your services more customer friendly? Want to connect with exactly the kind of people you are looking for? Want instant access to libraries and knowledge banks worldwide? Well, our apps just could hold the answer to your pursuits. Give us a try. We guarantee that our dealings with you will be transparent and open. And as you grow and adapt to the changing trends of your businesses, you can be sure that we will adapt our technology to your changing needs too.

Ø Excelling since 2011 with a simple principle: “design drives development”, that defines our people, culture, and environment

Ø Talent pool of experienced architects/leads, technology specialists, senior developers, project managers, quality analysts and leaders

Ø Proven success in Enterprise Mobile Applications development

Ø Vast experience working in agile methodology and other software development models

Ø Delivered twelve major releases in 2014, on time and within the agreed budget

Ø Preferred offshore vendor for various technology giants

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